Communication needs to be easy

Employee engagement made simple

Engage is a simple employee engagement platform measuring the performance of all employees.

We give leaders and employees an opportunity to communicate with transparency, using analytics to enhance your culture.

For those reluctant or clueless as how best to embrace employee engagement and remote working, Covid-19 had other ideas.

This virus has emptied our call centres, transported our meetings, and shook up our working practices forever. 

Engage your People Ltd are supporting organisations in this unusual opportunity for change, a challenge that risen to, will mean all employees emerge from lockdown more engaged than ever. 

"We know poor performance is the biggest blocker to business growth. Organisations struggle to tackle poor performance appropriately. Only 8% of companies believe their performance management process is highly effective in driving business value, while 58% say it’s not an effective use of time"

Kate Wood, Founder MD

Simple to adopt, easy to use, see results straight away

Adopt our Award Winning Methodology

Our platform is built on the Four Pillars of Employee Engagement. 

These four principles implemented in organisations have shown significant success in increasing Employee Engagement. 

  • Methodology Leadership


    Open and honest 121's that recognise and celebrate the true potential of all employees.
  • Methodology Recognition


    A fun and immediate way to provide companywide recognition and praise for all to see.
  • Methodology Communication


    Company-wide open communication channels that reach every employee, meaning everyone feels part of the team.
  • Methodology Knowledge


    Providing employees with valuable expertise and up to date information to deliver results, increasing performance and confidence.

It takes 3 simple steps. Our platform is designed for easy adoption. No matter what role you do, your location or skillset.

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Gain Insights And Results

Our platform delivers powerful people analytics and insight that will assist you to drive change and accelerate the performance of your employees.

Know how your employees really feel, in real time

Through intelligent analytics and using keywords, a real time sentiment score is generated for every employee which allows you to look at trends, and easily identify both high and low performing individuals and teams immediately.  

The score allows leaders to fully understand how employees feel about themselves, enabling you to identify employees who may need extra support or be at risk of leaving the organisation.  

Our real-time dashboards give you the confidence to make decisions about individuals based on facts rather than feelings.

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Increase Your Profit


Being engaged means being emotionally committed to your work goals.  To care about results, the company and customers.


Drive regular communication increasing productivity and profit


Leaders who use the our methodology have found a simple and consistent way to communicate,  keeping employees more productive which could translate into 4 times more profit. (Bain & Company).

By using recommended monthly 121’s to keep track of achievements and set goals, communicate in real time regardless of where you are based. Enabling homeworkers, part time workers and people on maternity or paternity based anywhere in the world to keep up to date and engaged.

Our methodology uses monthly 121's to track performance, drive progression and importantly you can use this to remove non-performers from your organisation.

Our platform ensures your employees goals are aligned to your organisation goals, amplifying your business growth strategy, thus increasing customer ratings by 10% which in turn provides higher annual profits.


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This is what people say about us!

  • Kate Brunning
    We’ve learnt simple changes to our people’s experience and lift their engagement on the spot by understanding individually what was motivating them and demotivating them. ​
    Kate Brunning Director of People at Virtual 1
  • Capture
    "We connected as a leadership team and this session has helped us to develop a clear roadmap to develop and enhance our working culture”
    Helen Ratcliff Marketing Director - UK & ROI at Michelin
  • Paul Mason
    To say that Kate is passionate about engagement and the development of her colleagues really doesn’t do it justice - her enthusiasm/energy come through in spades.
    Paul Mason Director of Programme Delivery, Mobile, Voice, Sport, TV and Broadband at BT at BT

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